Inspiration. Interaction. Innovation

We Think Outside the Box

Founded in 2011, Theia offers Digital Marketing and Multi-Media Marketing services that are specifically designed and developed for different organizations.

Each and every one of our work is designed specifically to our client’s requirements and specifications. Our team members are always open and willing to listen to your opinions, so that we can get a better grasp of your needs. Don’t hesitate and contact Theia! We can guarantee you it will be a fun and exciting journey where you will work along side ambitious and innovative team members that will come up with the best design for your business.

The idea “THEIA” originally came from a planet 4.5 billion years age when the moon collided with the Earth and another planetary body.

THEIA somehow got pushed off its normal path and hit Earth at an oblique angle, which destroyed the planet completely.

The concept can be applied to our organization because we provide various services to our customers and meet their demands based on diversification.

Meet Our Team

Why are we THEIA different

from others?

We know what it feels like to be a customer, so our experienced team make a real effort to put themselves in your shoes and really listen to your opinions in order to achieve your vision. We guarantee it will be an invigorating and enjoyable journey where you work alongside an ambitious and innovative team.