• If agreed a signed confirmation letter and emailed to Theia is required prior commencement of work.
  • Unless shown as inclusions to the scope of fees such as; couriers, additional illustration work, printing, photography and any other outside services are additional. These items are not included quoted fee.
  • In the case Theia Creative Studio is required to handle further design work or is required additional assistance during stages as described will be considered outside the above scope of work. A separate fee estimate will be submitted for the work and a written approval is required before work can be executed.
  • This estimate is valid for thirty (30) days.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) and copyright on the creative work is owned by Theia Creative Studio
  • Retrieval of any data from archives and transfer via disks or e-mail, regardless of the size of the job, will be charged on a minimum hourly rate of $105+GST plus materials.