Creative Services

Our ‘out of the box’ thinking paired with the experience will ensure that no matter how bold your business goals may be, they are achievable.

Our creative team comprehensively exercises all stages of a communication and design process, including discovery, brainstorming, and execution through to delivery.

The process is comprehensively applied, and it involves mapping probable solutions with further possibilities in determining a 2D or 3D purpose. These can be brand identity, packaging, traditional print products even external/internal environmental applications.

Digital Services

The digital services that the studio has been building combines a multi-faceted approach in the ever-evolving complexity of the digital environment.

With the team’s UX and UI knowledge and an eye on the latest trends is valuable, as well as, the reliance of the studio’s clever software engineers.

The design and the developmental process is not too dissimilar to the creative services. The opportunities in the digital environment engender such products such as web and mobile apps development and of cause the mind-boggling world of coding.

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Website Design

Mobile Apps

UI/UX Design

WeChat Marketing

We have a Chinese partner on WeChat that specialises in promoting companies to the Chinese community on the platform. This provides an opportunity for the companies to be exposed to the Chinese community and target more audience through Theia.

We can help with WeChat marketing and communications including training on how to implement the plan and ongoing messaging in Chinese via WeChat.

THEIA is able to assist with maximising the power of WeChat via WeChat Pay, WeChat Marketing and WeChat monitoring solutions. These solutions can be adopted together or separately to allow businesses to prioritise resources according to their needs, and start with any of these, together or separately.

Points of

The past 10 years allowed us to understand the different markets and fields and we use this knowledge to provide solutions to give our clients opportunities to develop and grow.

We also help to build “bridges”, allowing businesses to network and connect with each other for potential opportunities.


Throughout the past 10 years, we gained experiences that allow us to put ourselves in customers’ shoes and understand your wants and needs. We provide confidential cloud storage and local backups to keep all your files all the time and ready to use anytime.


We have stable core team for 10 years: art director, designers, developers, account manager, project manager, etc.


We use the newest technology and follow the latest trends to match our client’s full-needs.


Even though we define ourselves as “affordable”, it does not mean that our quality is cheap.We have the capabilities of 10 years of experience and we use it to help small and medium-sized businesses to grow.

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