Our Work.

Helping a startup cafe establish, grow and get more benefits

Illustration and handwriting used to design the coffee cups, promotional cards and show little treats’ special personality as well, where is a comfortable, natural and sweet place.

Little Treats is a small cafe established in 2019 in New Lynn. Theia helped Little Treats to establish a brand, from the concept to the completion. Theia created a name for the small cafe to show their personality and value that created a loving and heartful image about the business. With the help of Theia, they managed to be exposed to

the public and grow in a short time. Little Treats is also considering making a new website and asked us to design and develop it soon to show everyone what they provide.

Logo Design/ Advertising Design / Card Design / Promotional Materials / Menu Design/ Coffee Cups / Website on-going
“Thanks so much to the team for providing our start-up business a branding solution and creating an image for our business that helped us generate customers, thus, making our business grow.” Norah